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Delivering quality IT solutions, support and services tailored to your specific business needs.


Security Solutions

Intrusion, hacking and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially, and our network security services in San Diego, CA cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your network, assets and data against attack, providing you peace of mind.


Cloud Solutions

Does your business demand greater performance, rapid scalability and higher availability from your line of business and productivity applications to remain competitive? Stop paying the high cost of traditional software in San Diego, CA  – simply pay one low, flat fee per month!


Managed IT

We deliver proactive flat-rate IT Managed Services in San Diego, CA . Designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual IT Department, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.


Mobility Solutions

Smartphones and Tablets are fueling mobile computing. The ability to remain connected is now a reality – whether at home, vacation or business traveling. Increase business productivity by enabling secure mobile computing accessibility for your business in San Diego, CA .

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Is your network and all of its PCs, Servers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones secure and capable of continuing to support your growing business needs? Schedule your FREE no-obligation Network Analysis and Security Assessment to find out!

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Some of our Services

We tailor our cost-effective IT services and solutions to meet your specific business needs

Managed IT Services

We deliver proactive flat-rate Managed  IT Services in San Diego, CA . Designed to reduce your costs, eliminate business pain, increase your profits and mitigate business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual IT Department and outsourced CTO, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.

Healthcare IT Services

Do you need a HIPAA and HiTech-compliant Healthcare IT Service Provider? Does your practice require expert EMR and Practice Management Software support? Would you like to reduce the cost and complexity of your technology? Our Healthcare Technology Solutions in San Diego, CA are the answer.

Engineering IT Services

Are you seeking an IT firm experienced in supporting your Engineering processes, equipment and software applications? Would you like to reduce the cost and complexity of your technology and increase uptime? We deliver complete Engineering Technology Solutions in San Diego, CA .

Manufacturing IT Services

Do you need an IT firm experienced in supporting your manufacturing processes, equipment and specialized line of business applications? Our manufacturing IT services in San Diego, CA include remote and onsite system and software support, 24×7 network monitoring, patching and updating and more.

Accounting IT Services

Are you seeking an IT firm experienced in supporting the multiple versions of your Accounting Practice’s specific line of business software applications? Would you like to increase the security and availability of your network? Our Accounting Technology Solutions in San Diego, CA are the answer.

Legal IT Services

Do you need an IT firm versed in supporting your legal processes and applications, e-discovery, archiving and secure document management? Increase the security and availability of your critical data, systems and services with our Legal Technology Solutions in San Diego, CA .

"On behalf of the Burn Institute and those we serve, I would like to thank you for your kind donation of IT services (received July 15, 2014) for the Burn Institute offices. As you know, the Burn Institute provides families throughout San Diego County with the skills necessary to safeguard their children from burn injuries. From school programs teaching kids what to do in case of a fire and the importance of stop, drop, and roll, to keeping seniors safe from fires by installing smoke alarms in their homes, the Institute is dedicated to making the community safer for all. Please know that it is the generosity of people like you that makes our important work possible. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness." - Susan Day (Burn Institute)
"Just wanted to let you know, both Joanne and I are very happy with the level and quality of service that Jeff has given us and he has a great demeanor and personality to handle tough situations. He did a great job for us the past few months with SO MANY things, not the least of which was the Server change over. Too many times, we only hear complaints from people, so we wanted to let you know something positive." - Bill Rindone (McFarlane Architects)
"It was time for a new server so I asked Scott to help me figure out what the right choice would be for my company. He provided me with multiple options and explained the pros and cons of each. We finally decided on a hybrid cloud server. Scott and his team informed us how and when the install would take place and then executed it on time and below budget. We are pleased. After the install, Scott went above and beyond by providing us with a network audit to make sure we understood how our overall system was working and where it would need to be in the future." - John Mouet (TQM Food Service)
"Before Scott came along, we did not have a working technology system in place – we had a lot of components, such as computers, printers, etc., but it was not all tied together. Scott reviewed our situation and made reasonable recommendations, including the need for a server, firewall, exchange email and a backup solution. As a result of these implementations, our daily business functions are more productive, our data is protected and our employees can focus on their job duties rather than IT problems." - Jeff Jertberg (Vanberg Construction)
"As a small business, we always look for ways to improve our efficiency and productivity to have a healthier bottom line. With that in mind, technological improvements within our administrative offices have been of paramount importance because it truly is the heart of our company. Since then, we have had two successful technological upgrades done by his company and are very grateful for his help. We are confident that when we have an issue, we will get timely service and that should we ever have a major problem, all of our priceless documentation and records will be protected. We highly recommend On-Site Tech Support for their speed, honesty, and most of all, the flexibility the offer to small businesses who always have bottom line in mind. We look forward to many years of continued partnership!" - Griselda Aguilar (San Diego Bev and Cup)
"Although this was a complex, multi-location project, Scott and the On-Site team pulled it off ‘without a hitch!’ We’re always amazed with their ability to ensure all the details are taken care of in a precisely organized fashion. And they do this without disrupting our services as well. On-Site Tech Support is our ‘go-to’ IT team for whatever we need, wherever we need it!" - Patrick Edd (Annex Brands)
"We have been a client of On-Site Tech Support for many years. Their recommendation and implementation of our current working technology system back in 2012 has helped our company maintain a largely trouble-tree computer network, allowing us to focus on growing and improving our business. On-Site Tech Support services allow us to concentrate on our work and not our IT problems and have been nothing short of AMAZING! With On-Site Tech Support on board, we are confident that the productivity of our company will not be adversely affected by IT issues, and that provides us great comfort of mind. Their customer service is always prompt and friendly. Their follow up to make sure all of our problems and concerns have been addressed and that we are completely satisfied with the end result is at a level that is largely unheard of! We will stay loyal customers to On-Site Tech Support and would recommend them to anyone!" - Robert Jertberg (Vanberg Construction)
"Our business was in need of a new computer system to manage our invoicing and accounts payables. We needed a new server, workstations, and network configuration. Scott from On-Site Tech Support was recommended to us and after meeting with him, we decided to utilize his services. In Late last year, our server was dying – Scott and his team assessed our situation and gave us reasonable recommendations, along with pros and cons of each option. This allowed us to make the best decision for the company with flexibility and growth in mind for the future. Scott and Jeff helped us implement a major overhaul to our technology system – replacing our server, upgrading a number of our staff computer stations, updating our exchange email, updating our firewall, FTP site, archive server, and backup solution. As a result of these implementations, our daily business functions are more productive, our data is protected, and our employees can focus on their job duties rather than IT problems. We highly recommend On-Site Tech Support for their honest approach to business and their genuine concern for our success!" - Joanne Christy (McFarlane Artchitects)
"FIT4MOM is a franchise company that’s been in existence for 12 years. Over the course of the years we’ve (unsuccessfully) gone through 3 or 4 IT companies trying to find the right fit for our needs. Every company was reputable, good, and came to us through a reference. They all offered the same basic service and each brought the promise to see us through our ongoing, fast growth. But there was always something missing. Then around 2006, Scott Smeltzer walked through our front door and we immediately knew that what had been missing was this: those other companies were good, but they weren’t great. On-Site Tech Support is great! We’ve worked with Scott and his company for about 6 years now, and have never, even once, doubted our decision. We depend on and call on them more than often. Every one of Scott’s recommendations is reasonable and respectful of our needs, the staffs’ delivery is always prompt and professional; they speak to us in computer language that I can understand, and our employees always feel that On-Site Tech Support honestly cares about our success. The word ‘can’t’ doesn’t exist in On-Site’s vocabulary. As a result of Scott implementing such a strong IT support system for us, from the right computers, hardware, backup, and systems to the highest level of customer service, our data is protected and we know our daily business functions are more than productive. For these reasons, and many more, we highly recommend On-Site Tech Support for their honest approach to business." - Lisa Druxman (Fit4Mom)
"The entire project went extremely well, without any problems or downtime. Scott and the On-site team managed the move from start to finish. Most importantly, our operations weren’t disrupted and the transfer of data was seamless and efficient. I would highly recommend On-site Tech Support to any business requiring a team of technicians who can expertly handle any IT project, whether it’s large or small. On-site knows how to make your technology work for you, and not you for it!" - MaryAnn Canup (Annex Brands)
"Symons Fire Protection, Inc. has been in business for 20 years and during that time our technology needs have vastly changed. Eventually we settled in with an in-house server and email system with an outside IT company “managing” all of our network and computers. As our leadership changed along with our technology needs it became apparent that the current outsourced IT Company really did not know what they were doing. We had constant downtime, were not being proactive in our planning or maintenance and were really just putting out fires as they came up, which was often. In the middle of 2013 I began looking for a new IT company to manage our systems and be a key advisor to our company for our technology needs. Sadly I was disappointed by many of the companies that came through the door as they did not appear to be any higher caliber than the company we were currently with. At this point I was managing most of our IT needs myself and only calling the outsourced company when things really got out of control. With all the problems in our network and the fact that we were adding a significant amount of staff I was finding that our IT needs were significantly eating into my time to perform my regular duties of Sales and Management. Then one day I heard an ad on the radio for On-Site which referenced some of their accolades like being the winner of the 2012 San Diego BBB Torch Awards for Market Place Ethics. I immediately called the number as I was driving and was able to get a hold of a live person that was very responsive to getting me set up for a consultation. From the moment that On-Site Tech Support walk through my door I could tell the difference from the “other” IT guys that I had come across. They were professional, knowledgeable, polite and to top it off were actually able to communicate using layman’s terms. We quickly contracted with On-Site to take over our IT needs and I can now confidently say that I have a company that is a partner and that actually manages our computers and network. They are very proactive, not only in their maintenance of our systems, but also in their communication. Since contracting with On-Site at the beginning of 2014, we have installed a new server, a proper backup plan which was missing in the past, new network gear and even Wi-Fi. I do not regret hiring Scott and his team, and I would heartily recommend them to anyone that is looking for an IT company that knows their stuff and will be there when you need them. " - Jamil Shamoon (Symons Fire Protection)

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